Eye Peek

Meet our outstanding optical operators, Dave and Judy Doebler, who truly enjoy bringing choice and style in eyewear to the Adirondacks.

About Us

As a licensed optician since 1970, Dave has had extensive experience fitting eyewear and contact lenses. He expecially enjoys fitting progressive lenses to patients who have had difficulty in the past. Judy has over 20 years of experience in helping patients find eyewear with just the right look and fit for your individual life style.


Our History

Originally from the Buffalo, NY area, Dave spent 24 years as a partner in a four store firm in North Tonawanda. During these years Dave and Judy vacationed in the Lake Placid area in summer and winter and their goal was always to live here full time. In 1996 they took the opportunity to purchase a two store optical company in Washington, DC - which they owned until 2003. The business grew exponentionally but their hearts were always “inside the Blue Line”. They sold the two stores to an eye doctor in DC and moved to Lake Placid full time.